Kennedy Street Massacre: Vol. 5 – Released for Kindle Books

Every mad man talks about taking over the world. But what’s the point? The world is too huge, too vast for one man to maintain dominion over it. So what they end up doing is taking over the world, not for themselves, but for the warlords surrounding him. Billionaire business magnate Isaac Pierce accepts and exploits this concept. It’s one of the main reasons why the Pierce Syndicate has flourished.

In the heart of the American Empire’s largest metropolis, August the 18th has waged guerrilla warfare against the most dangerous criminal organization in the world, the Pierce Syndicate. Billionaire business magnate Isaac Pierce has no choice but to retaliate, calling an emergency meeting of his respected warlords, the Board of Directors.

Just to name a few, Renji Amaruto is the ruthless heir to the largest yakuza group in Japan. Benjamin Garrett is the world’s youngest billionaire who would order a raid on an entire village to just to kill a single penny-stealing theif. Michael Helms is the all-smiling chairman of the notorious Black Creek Security firm with an unnatural affinity for explosives. And then there’s David Pierce…Isaac’s last surviving son. With an insatiable greed to expand and conquer, David won’t let anyone halt his ascension as the next head of the syndicate. Even if that person happens to be his own flesh and blood.

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