The Three Kings of Ybor – Volume 2: The Wolves of the Syndicate

No one is safe from the wolves of the syndicate.

As the vindictive Eliza Christie continues down her path of vengeance, she encounters juxtaposition in two forms of guidance. One comes in the form of a non-violent philosophy that teaches honesty and self-acceptance. The other is in the deadly martial art of ninjitsu. Jumping to four years later, we find out that the underground syndicate has only continued to grow in strength and influence. We’re introduced to the men who are responsible for that growth, namely a prodigy assassin who shows he’s willing to do whatever it takes to complete an assignment.


Three Kings of Ybor: Volume 1. Eliza Christie’s Vendetta


The Three Kings of Ybor Vol. 1 : Eliza Christie’s Vendetta –

Available on Amazon and Google Play, “The Three Kings of Ybor” opens the door to 200 years in the future when the world’s largest city has become a playground for organized crime. After the detective who first suspects a CEOs criminal involvement is murdered, his already spiteful and vindictive daughter embraces her need to retaliate in this up and coming tale that indulges on the themes of revenge, rivalry, and rebellion.

Volume 1 contains the first five chapters. On the wake of her father’s murder, Eliza Christie stalks the streets in search for answers and finds an unlikely ally in the form of a narcissistic mercenary.

Aida and Eliza – My Childhood with a Future Sociopath: Amazon Kindlebook

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Aida and Eliza: My Childhood with a Future Sociopath – $1.99

Pious and good-natured, Aida reminisces about the day she first met the infamous leader of August the 18th, Eliza Christie. Even as children, Eliza exuded the personality of someone who would one day make men bow down before her. And while the two were initially thick as thieves, equal but opposite and joined at the hip during their waddling days, there was one incident that would scar Aida and change the way she saw her childhood friend. It was the day that Eliza released an inner demon that would go on to dictate her violent need for retaliation for the rest of her life.

Eight for Death, Seven for Peace – Amazon Kindlebook

Eight for Death - Cover photo

Eight for Death, Seven for Peace: Gavin Hassell: A Future King of Ybor – $0.99

When a young street tough stabs a nonviolent door-to-door preacher, a small town urban neighborhood becomes infected by several of the most notorious criminals in the world. Continuing with the “Tales of Ybor” stories, this title contains graphic violence and street level language. While “The Godfather’s Sword” revolves around Braden Pierce, the prodigy syndicate enforcer, “Seven Deaths” introduces us to one of the few individuals who can match him in skill and execution. Gavin Hassell is an indiscriminate mercenary who sets his own agenda based on the highest bidder and his own private personal constitution.

The Godfather’s Sword – Amazon Kindlebook

Godfather's Sword Cover

The Godfather’s Sword – Amazon Kindlebook – $0.99

A former U.S. commando turned Syndicate enforcer recounts his first and only mission with the infamous Black Creek Security firm. It’s on this mission that he has the honor to witness the Godfather’s favorite nephew in action.