August the 18th released for Kindlebooks

Everyone remembers the killers. No one remembers the victims. In Rock Kitaro’s fourth installment of the “Three Kings of Ybor” saga, the civilian militia of August the 18th stands to change all of that.

Comprised of ex-military and off-duty officers who have lost all faith in the constitution, every man of August the 18th has lost a loved one to the fang of the Pierce Syndicate. With the cutthroat Eliza Christie serving as commander, August the 18th finally takes center stage to cause disruption and destruction in the intricate world of organized crime. This of course starts with raiding a notorious casino, exposing a corrupt superintendent and rescuing a political prisoner from a Haitian hit squad.


The Three Kings of Ybor: A Reunion of Beast

Welcome to Ybor, the American Empire’s new sin city! In the district were every night’s a celebration and every street’s a spectacle, violence erupts when Eliza Christie finally confronts her father’s murderer after four years of being away. Inspired by her beauty and bravery, gifted computer hacker Robby McCloud befriends her with the idea of making it an interesting first year of college. Things get a little too interesting, however, when Eliza reveals a plan to bring about the downfall of the Pierce Syndicate.

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